Reviewer Basics

Here are a few instructions to help you get started completing review tasks.

Requirements to become a reviewer

Requirements coming soon!

How to start reviewing

Bounty Operations publishes calls for Reviewers in MetricsDAO's Discord server within the #🔎│reviewers channel. Interested participants need to raise their hand to be considered. In most cases, Reviewers are chosen at random from those who raised their hand.

What do reviewers do?

Peer Review is an essential part of our analytics process. The work entails reviewing analysts' submissions and assigning a score based on the evaluation criteria. The criteria are published on each bounty. Reviewers also write comments and remarks on the submissions. These comments ultimately end up on our Showcase page where analyst can read them. Please see our page on how to provide effective feedback.

The turnaround time for Reviews is typically 24 hours to five days. Please be aware that late Reviewers may be subject to the slashing of a minimum of 250 xMetric (or rMetrics) tokens. Poor quality work (such as ignoring special instructions or disregarding the evaluation criteria) may also result in token slashing and denial of payment.

How are reviewers reimbursed?

Review work is compensated at a rate of 25 USDC per hour. A timesheet is sent shortly after the task deadline. Reviewers use the honor system to report their hours. Data is maintained on the efficiency of each Reviewer.

Reviewer protections

Reviewers should report any harassment or pressure from disgruntled analysts. This could include receiving an excessive amount of private messages from analysts whose work a Reviewer has reviewed. Harassment goes against our Code of Conduct and can result in a time out or an outright ban for the offender.

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