xMETRIC Masters

xMETRIC Masters are an elite group of analysts in the MetricsDAO community that have gained elevated status through activity in the DAO.

Through high quality work, engagement and challenges completed, one can work their way toward xMETRIC Master status.

Currently, one needs to hold 2,000 xMETRIC to become an xMETRIC Master. The threshold may increase in the future.

Benefits of being an xMETRIC Master:

  • Get paid for doing peer reviews. Paid workflows are unlocked when you gain xMETRIC Master status.

  • Get access to an exclusive discord channel with other Masters.

  • Unlock opportunities for exclusive challenges. Masters can get access to more challenges, which means more ways to earn payments.

  • Get access to professional development offerings. Building your skillset unlocks new professional opportunities.

Get started building your xMETRIC status by participating in MetricsDAO analytics challenges, joining our events, and enrolling in our free courses!

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