Tips for an Impactful Analytics Dashboard

16 Tips to Craft an Impactful Analytics Dashboard (as a Community Blockchain Analyst)

Here you will find Week 3 (closing week) materials for MetricsDAO’s intermediate blockchain data analysis course titled “Web3 Analytics 201”, presented to the cohort on 28 February 2023 by mar1na.

You can experience the full 201 course, including Week 1 and Week 2 by sam plus three office hours, by applying here for the next cohort.

What do learning blockchain data and solving analytics challenges have in common?

As you are learning blockchain data analytics and would like to provide insights to web3 protocols, projects, and even entire blockchains, analytical challenges are your ideal playground.

MetricsDAO’s analytical challenges are bounty-style data prompts where a set of top ranked submissions get paid in tokens. But earning potential is far from the only benefit of analytical challenges. As an analyst-in-training, having a prompt gives you direction and a framework for the types of insights you can provide. Labels on the challenges range from Beginner to Advanced and help you gauge progress in your skills training journey. The body of work you create for analytics bounties becomes your portfolio. Competing with other analysts gives you motivation to stay at the top of your game and continue upskilling. Finally, one of the most career-changing benefits of participating in analytics challenges is that they invite you to build an audience for your work, a name for yourself as an analyst, and a network that can lead to exciting opportunities.

To take advantage of these opportunities, you will need to produce the best analytical outputs that you can. This guide will help you with dos and don’ts to craft a dashboard that is engaging, impactful, and helps you and your work stand out.

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