Networks 101

What are networks?

Networks are groups of Metrics App users and community members that self-organize around a common principle. You can: create networks, manage networks, and/or become part of existing ones.

Why create or be in a network?

Labor Markets connect three groups of people: Sponsors, Providers, and Reviewers. Sponsors launch challenges that need to be solved. Providers do the work to solve the challenges. Reviewers check if the work meets the requirements. It is important to set up and manage these networks well to get the best results. MetricsDAO can offer ready-made networks of Sponsors, Providers, and Reviewers for any challenge. But it also allows others to create and manage their own networks!

By forming your own network, you can compete for deal flow amongst the other Sponsor, Provider, and Reviewer networks. The best Sponsor networks will know how to break up requests from partners and which marketplaces to activate. The best Provider networks will make themselves visible and trusted to Sponsors in order have challenges launched into marketplaces they act in. The best Reviewer networks will similarly make themselves known to Sponsors in order to receive Reviewer workflow and earning opportunities.

These networks can take many forms of management - membership may be voted on by other members or may be automated based on on/offchain identifiers. By forming (or joining) and growing a network, you increase your network’s earning potential within this decentralized labor marketplace ecosystem.

Who can create a network?

Anyone can! All you need is an idea and a Polygon wallet. Just go to Quickstart: Make a Network and follow the easy steps.

For advanced network creation questions: Read the docs or watch the video below.

Best Practices

Networks adhering to the following guidelines may be listed on MetricsDAO’s website and stand a chance to attract more clients.

Networks should:

  • Have a public facing website or Docs. (see this example or this one)

  • List their Badge contract address and token id on their website or Doc.

  • Have clear entry requirements for new members.

  • Offer a distinct value proposition.

Networks that frequently get bad feedback could lose their spot on MetricsDAO’s website.

How to join a network?

Get to know our community members and what networks they have (maybe your MetricsDAO friends already organized one or a few). Pine Analytics is a network that runs weekly analytics contests to give some of the best analysts an opportunity to join them. There are also many more, and the number of new networks is constantly growing! Chances are you might find a good fit for you.

Want to chat live?

We will run a live community call soon in MetricsDAO Discord to talk networks. Have a network in mind? We’ll help you create it!


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