2022-03-30+ Subgrounds Workshop Series

Join the subgrounds dev team in a three part series on using a Python library to query and build on the Graph!
Subgrounds is a Python framework for interacting with the Graph and GraphQL APIs.


  1. 1.
    Wednesday, March 30th at 18:00 UTC / 2pm ET
  2. 2.
    Wednesday, April 6th at 18:00 UTC / 2pm ET
  3. 3.
    Wednesday, April 13th at 18:00 UTC / 2pm ET

Series Outline

The first part will be heavily focused on Subgrounds' core features and serve as a guide on how to start and complete data analytics using Subgrounds.
Participants can expect the following topics to be covered:
  • Intro: Motivations for Subgrounds and some GraphQL basics
  • FieldPaths: What are they and how do we combine them to create subgrounds requests?
  • subgrounds.query method: the simplest way to get data
  • subgrounds.query_df method: get data in a flattened representation, returned in a pandas DataFrame
  • subgrounds.query_timeseries method: query and return regularized timeseries data
    • Note: this is planned for the v0.1.0 release and is not yet publicly available.
  • Creating and using SyntheticFields
  • Querying non-Subgraph APIs with Subgrounds
The second part would introduce building full featured analytics dashboards using Subgrounds built-in data visualization library called Dash. During this part, we will take a "live build" approach and create a simple klimaDAO analytics dashboard in this session. The dashboard will explore KlimaDAOs treasury and general protocol metrics.
Expected topics:
  • Introuction to dash and data visualizations with dash
  • The Code: Preparing Subgrounds for your data exploration
  • The Data: Interfacing Subgrounds with Dash
  • App Layout section : Building and assembling your dashboard components and layout
  • Callback: Connecting visualizations to Subgrounds queries
  • Running your app locally
  • Deploying your app to Heroku intro
The third part would be a continuation of part two, except that rather than deploying locally to your machine, we will guide you on deploying to the cloud (Heroku), generating your unique URL, and sharing your dashboard as an app.
Expected topics:
  • Introduction to Heroku
  • Setting up Heroku account
  • Installing Heroku CLI
  • Creating App project folder on your IDE
  • Installing necessary App project libraries
  • Create necessary files for Heroku server
  • Deploy App to Heroku


2022-02-09 Community Call

The subgrounds team previously joined MetricsDAO on a community call to showcase their powerful library to the MetricsDAO commuity. The recording of that is available below and we recommend re-watching as a refresher or for any newcomer to both Subgrounds and the Graph.
Playgrounds x MetricsDAO.pdf
Slide deck from the community call

2022-03-30 Part 1


Subgrounds Workshop #1 Under the Hood.pdf
Follow along with this Jupyter notebook

2022-04-06 Part 2


Subgrounds Workshop #2 Building Subgrounds Powered Apps.pdf
Quickstart - dbc docs
Dash Bootstrap

2022-04-13 Part 3