Education Overview

What is education at MetricsDAO?

We are focused on creating training programs to onboard analysts into the vast web3 space and ensure that they can become stellar web3 analysts. The programs are focused on upskilling analysts in SQL, web3 data tooling & protocols, as well as various blockchain ecosystems, so that you are prepared to complete our analytics channels and become a web3 analytics leader.

We currently run Web3 Analytics 101 Async and Live programs, as well as Web3 Analytics 201 Live and Web3 Analytics 301 Live programs. We also have asynchronous courses on Ethereum, Algorand, Near and other ecosystems, as well as launching a web3 analytics professional track. Be sure to follow our #announcements channel on Discord to hear about new program launches.

The best way to sign up to our current courses is by going to our learning platform.

We also post about the upcoming programs in our blog.


Our learners and graduates receive onchain proof of participating and completing courses!

Check out this dashboard to see which ERC-1155 badges you've got in your wallet on Polygon.

You can also find your MetricsDAO Education badges and show them off on OpenSea here and here.


Where can I get support or ask questions about courses?

We have a whole education section in our Discord: #education-chat is the best place to ask questions and get support. You can also find your respective course channel, and someone from the community will be happy to support.

What are the educational webinars?

Every week, we hold educational webinars. They act as a primer to various blockchains, ecosystems, and web3 analytics topics and tools, as well as a primer to our upcoming courses.

You can check-out the upcoming webinars in our Discord’s events section.

What if I have feedback or ideas for the courses?

We would love to hear them! Feel free to jump to our community call and share them there, or just let us know in the #education-chat channel!

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