Tooling and Processes

MetricsDAO Tooling and Processes


MetricsDAO does not currently use Metropolis' platform but are heavily inspired by their philosophy.

MetricsDAO currently has 6 contributor pods:

  • Business Development

  • Bounty Operations

  • Growth

  • Product, Design, and Development

  • DAO Operations

  • Advising


MetricsDAO uses Badger Badges to manage roles within our community. Badger Badges are assigned by Administrators to those vital to the DAO with an NFT that is wallet bound. However, wallet bound does not mean that Badges cannot be revoked. Administrators can remove Badges of their members and members can burn their Badge if there are internal community or role shifts.

There are currently three kinds of badges that a DAO member can hold:

  • Contributor

  • Governor

  • Curator

Members may hold more than one kind of badge.

Contributor Badge

This badge is given to any member of the DAO that is part of a contributor pod, as well as members of the Genesis Council, and individuals recognized as data curators. This badge allows members to vote in temp checks, see contributor discord channels, and post proposals on the forum.

Governor Badge

This badge is given to all members of the Genesis Council, as well as Pod Leaders. A Pod Leader can choose a contributor within their pod to be assigned the governor badge in their place. This badge allows members to vote in gov co votes, see contributor discord channels, and fast-track proposals.

A roster of the current governors for the DAO can be found here:

Curator Badge

This badge is given to the individuals that have been recognized as data curators.


Voting for MetricsDAO is done through two Snapshot spaces.

Temperature Check votes are held at:

Governing Council votes are held at:

Members can vote in a temperature check as long as they hold a Contributor badge for the current season. To vote in a governing council vote, a member must hold the Governor badge. As Snapshot does not support anonymous voting yet, certain sensitive votes such as offboarding may be done through Discord.

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