10. Don’t: Disregard your audience’s knowledge

One example of thinking about context is the level of background knowledge your audience has. If you share your dashboard with the peer reviewers at MetricsDAO and also on your Twitter, your readers will likely be familiar with the web3 space, have the basics of web3 down, or at least know where to find more details. You might not want to start your work with a copied and pasted, generic, and lengthy description of the web3 project you are analyzing. Most of your audience may find it redundant – not to mention unoriginal when they open another dashboard to get additional insights and instead find the same description. This is an easy “Ugh” moment to avoid. Instead, mention in your own words the minimum amount of background needed, and link to more details in case a one-off reader may be unfamiliar with the details, or someone wants to dive deep.

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