Contact the contributors in MetricsDAO's Discord in a public channel, to help us maintain transparency and user safety.



Biz Dev

Reach out if you want to work with MetricsDAO!

  • youngjames [networked]#7092 - business development lead

    • Contact for: partnership propositions, introductions, and leads


Challenge Operations Pod

Making possible marketplace and challenge creation and review.

  • imaaronlamphere#8577 - MetricsDAO challenge operations elder

  • kakamora#2549 - challenge ops pod lead

  • Zook#2707 - marketplace guide

    • Contact for: questions about analytics challenges (bounties)

  • DigitalDan#6267 - marketplace guide

    • Contact for: questions about analytics challenges (bounties)

  • adriaparcerisas#5642 - marketplace guide

    • Contact for: questions about analytics challenges (bounties)

Community Pod

Community support, transparency and DAOing in public, onboarding, showcasing stellar analytics.

  • GJ | Flipside#1919 - MetricsDAO community development elder, server moderator

  • mar1na#3578 - community pod lead, course instructor, server moderator

  • sandesh#8645 - community support and moderation lead, server moderator

    • Contact for: general questions, community reviews, moderation

  • Gab_riel#1919 - discord and user expert, server moderator

  • artghost#1895 - brand and graphic designer

  • rplust#6294 - content contributor

  • mrodin#8488 - content contributor


Development and product

Metrics App, Badger badges and networks.

Report Metrics App bugs on Github. Ask for other Metrics App help in # 🛠 │ app-general on Discord.

  • danner.eth#7297 - MetricsDAO elder, senior product manager

    • Contact for: networks

  • elisemarika#8643 - senior product manager

  • gnomadic#8135 - engineering team lead


Education Pod

Courses, workshops, and data partner sessions.

  • Vaida#1942 - education pod lead

    • Contact for: MetricsDAO course access and admin questions (for those courses that use

  • PCWCFA#0438 - project manager, course instructor

    • Contact for: badges, xMETRIC, admin and content questions about Web3 Analytics courses

  • hlxnineteen#0203 - events manager

  • (っ◔◡◔)っ 🌲ɯɐs🌲#0575 - senior course instructor



Governance proposals, votes, and policies.

  • naan#1447 - governance ops lead



Marketing strategy and execution.

  • cryptofreedman#2169 - marketing lead

  • megafund#0240 - content contributor


Teaching assistants

Our awesome community TAs help learners in the Web3 Analytics live course series! Membership in this group can vary over time, but you can find them by the Discord roles that contain the word "TA" and course name.

  • “TA” role holders in Discord

  • Contact for: admin questions and help with understanding the material in Web3 Analytics courses (make sure you ask the TA for the same course you are in)


DAO finances, budget, participant and contributor compensation.

  • Bills#5507 - treasury lead

  • jackguy#1653 - treasury contributor


Learn more about decentralized Networks here.

Find the list of networks and how to get in touch with each of them here.

Community Members

We love all of our community members, and many are very active in addition to the small subset of folks mentioned below!

The goal is to provide handles of folks who have been generous with their time to build specific tools for the community that you may have technical questions about. If you choose to contact them, please remember they have no formal obligation to MetricsDAO and kindly stay respectful of their time:

  • Kida#8864 - request-a-review discord bot creator

  • Playwo#9999 - earn discord bot creator.

For DAO transparency and user safety, remember to contact MetricsDAO and our contributors in public channels of our Discord.

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