Analytics Challenge FAQ

What is an Analytics Challenge (AKA a bounty)?

An Analytics Challenge, sometimes called an "analytics bounty" in other organizations, is a way for blockchain projects and other web3 organizations to reward others for performing specific research, analysis, and data visualization on their behalf.

I found an active Analytics Challenge on MDAO's Notion page and made my analysis. What next?

Be sure to submit your work using the submission form before the deadline.

Where is the submission form?

Here is the link. You can also find this submission form link at the bottom of every challenge card.

When is the deadline?

You can find the start + end date and time (in EST) at the bottom of each challenge card.

What if the deadline has passed, but the question is still Active? Should I submit?

Please submit all your work before the deadline. Analytics Challenges provide insights to our partners, and it is important for our entire ecosystem to deliver them in a timely manner.

What data provider can I use to produce my analysis?

MetricsDAO is provider-agnostic. You can use any provider of blockchain data, and any data tool. You will find evaluation criteria and analysis requirements here:

How can I ensure my submission form is error-free?

Make sure you filled out all form fields accurately, selected the right bounty question title from the dropdown, submitted the correct wallets (more on this below), email address, discord username, tweet link, and a working and public dashboard URL. You will receive an email to the provided email address confirming your submission details.

How do I make sure my dashboard URL works?

The team will not be able to follow up with you if your dashboard link is broken, private, or not opening. Please publish your dashboard and provide a public link. Please test the URL in another browser. Please test the URL in incognito mode to see how it opens for someone else.

Which wallet do I submit?

Our submission form asks for two wallets:

Primary Wallet Address: This is the address where we will send your challenge payment if you are eligible. Read the challenge card carefully. In the Payout section it will mention which network the primary wallet address needs to be on. For example, if it says “Payments are issued on the Near network”, you must provide a NEAR wallet address in this field (not an 0x address or any other network address). If it says “Payments are issued on the Terra mainnet network”, you must provide a Terra wallet address (NOT a 0x address or any other network address). And so on. If the challenge card says “Payments are issued on the Ethereum mainnet network”, please provide your 0x address in this field. Check the challenge card carefully, this network will differ from question to question.

xMETRIC Wallet Address: This is the address where we will send you some xMETRIC tokens on Polygon if you score 6 or higher. Learn more in the “xMETRIC Payout” section of each bounty card. Always provide your 0x wallet address in this field.

When will my submission be peer reviewed? How will I know the result?

Peer review starts when the Analytics Challenge closes. Evaluation criteria used by our peer reviewers are outlined here. After peer review is completed, scores and ranks are finalized. Then the submissions with scores and feedback are uploaded to MetricsDAO's Showcase. Uploading to the Showcase is currently a manual process, we appreciate your patience!

How do I know my submission rank?

Currently, Showcase page results are sorted by submittedDate DESC, overall_score DESC in all scenarios (page load, searching through search bar, filters on the side panel, etc). Flagged posts are always shown at the end of the list.

When do I get paid? How do I know if my submission is eligible for a payout?

You can check the status of each challenge payment in MetricsDAO’s Payment Schedule. You will find transaction hashes there, and can verify if your wallet received payment.

Our team is currently working to publicly display ranks for submissions. In the meantime, you can find your submission score on the Showcase page. Sometimes the payments are sent before the Showcase is updated, or vice versa, that is not a cause for worry.

My dashboard has been copied by another analyst without attribution.

If you believe your or another analyst’s work has been copied in bad faith and without crediting the author (rather than forked with proper acknowledgments and built upon to improve it or take it in a new direction) please let us know here.

At MetricsDAO, we believe that collaboration and building in public lead to producing the best analytics. This includes publicly sharing analytics to exchange ideas and crowdsource improvements, learning from one another’s dashboards and queries, forking code to add unique contributions or take it in a new direction, and always without exception offering acknowledgments and credit to the analysts and dashboards that we forked or were inspired by.

Plagiarism (misrepresenting another’s work as one’s own) is very different from building in public with credit and acknowledgment. Plagiarizing the work of others goes against the values of MetricsDAO and will not be accepted. To learn more about our values, and building in public vs. plagiarizing, visit our Code of Conduct.

I have a question that is not answered here.

Join our Discord server and ask us your questions in the 💬│general channel. Our community team will be happy to help!

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