The Constitution of MetricsDAO

Article I – Overview

Section I - Declaration

We hereby declare MetricsDAO.

A DAO for data providers.

A DAO for analysts.

A DAO for the data curious.

A DAO for education.

A DAO for growth.

Section II - MetricsDAO values

MetricsDAO contributors pledge to uphold the foundational values of the DAO:

  • Collaboration

  • Curiosity

  • Integrity

  • Inclusiveness

  • Scientific rigor

  • Transparency

Section III - Goal

The goal of this constitution is to codify the governing principles of the DAO.

These principles are designed to cultivate social coordination, achievement, education, and growth through maximally efficient & fluid foundations of governance.

Humans will run the DAO, in service to the system.

Section IV - Tooling and Processes


Each distinct social or business unit in the DAO will be designated a Pod.

Each pod has a leader and contributors. Contributors are highly skilled, dedicated members of the DAO. Leaders are full-time managers of their pod.

All pods in aggregate make up the DAO.


Badges are assigned by DAO administrators to manage roles in the DAO. There are currently three kinds of badges: Contributor, Governor, and Curator. For more information on MetricsDAO tooling and processes, please view this page:

Section V - Constituents & Bodies

Constituents & Bodies of the DAO are defined as, but not limited to:

  • Contributors - Members of one or more pods, providing time & effort in exchange for reward & recognition.

  • Governors - Elected leaders of their respective pods, responsible for day-to-day operations of the DAO.

  • Governing Council (Gov Co) - Comprised of all elected Governors, serves as the ratifying body of the DAO. Members are on and off-boarded following seasonal elections.

  • Genesis Council (Gen Co) - The founding members of the DAO, serve an advisory role and retain voting power. This group is made up of nine individuals and is expected to remain static.

Section VI - Seasons

The DAO will operate on fiscal quarters known as Seasons. Following each season, there will be a two week off-season period where the DAO members and administration can reflect and implement any changes needed.

Section VII - Amendments to the constitution

This constitution is designed to be a living, breathing document.

Proposed changes to the constitution can be submitted by and voted on by DAO members who hold the Governor badge.

Votes to amend the constitution will be structured with the 1wins51 method:

1 vote per member - simple majority wins - 51% quorum

Article II - Operations

Section I - Voting

Voting Eligibility

To be eligible to vote, electors must hold the contributor badge for the current season.

Section II - Proposals

Any DAO member who holds the contributor badge can post a proposal to the forum, which will start a 48 hour period for feedback.

After 48 hours, if there is no feedback that would stop the proposal, a poll is posted on Snapshot for all eligible pod contributors to vote on. This poll will be up for 48 hours and operates in an optimistic manner - proposals are assumed to pass unless 25% of the contributor base votes no OR 25% of the Governing Council votes no. ‘No’ votes are required to come with a written dissent, explaining the vote.

If the proposal is vetoed, the author is given a chance to edit the proposal based on the dissenting opinion(s) and post it back to the forum, entering another 48 hour period for feedback.

If it passes, the proposal will move to the Governing Council for ratification.

The Governing Council will then have 48 hours to vote.

If a DAO member holds the governor badge in addition to the contributor badge, they must also post a proposal on the forum for feedback, but can bypass the Snapshot poll as long as there is no opposition on the forum. These proposals will be sent directly from the forum to the Governance Council to ratify and vote on. This allows proposals that facilitate routine procedures such as contributor payments to be streamlined through the governance process.

Governing Council votes will use 1wins51: 1 vote per member - simple majority wins - 51% quorum

Section III - Special Circumstances

DAO Members can be offboarded from the DAO through a two part system. If three contributors file a complaint about a member, the issue will be brought up to the Governing Council which will then examine the case and vote on whether to retain the contributor or begin the offboarding process. If complaints come from members of the Governing Council, these members will recuse themselves from the examination and voting process.

If a leadership or contributor position needs to be filled mid-season, the Governing Council will appoint a member to the position with the input of contributors. This intermediary will only be assigned the position till the end of the season, at which point the position will be filled through normal processes.

All votes settled by 1wins51

Section IV - Submitting Amendments to the constitution

Any DAO member who holds the Governor badge can post an amendment proposal to the forum, which will start a 5 day period for feedback.

The Genesis Council will hold a poll for each draft amendment, with polling conducted during the following off-season.

If contradictory amendments exist for a given Section, only one can be implemented for the upcoming Season.

Polls will be open for 48 hours, 1wins51.


Amendment I - Incorporation and Bylaws

In July of 2022, MetricsDAO was formally incorporated as MetricsDAO Assoc, a non-stock, non-profit Delaware corporation. As part of the incorporation process, MetricsDAO voted to ratify a set of bylaws that formally outline the purpose of MetricsDAO, requirements for membership, and responsibilities of members and designated leaders within the organization.

In addition to ratifying the bylaws, MetricsDAO appointed Daphne Kwon to be designated as the first signatory on behalf of MetricsDAO. This signatory has the authority to sign contracts and other legally binding documents on behalf of MetricsDAO. The signatory is not a permanent position and may be replaced by the DAO following a proposal put forward and voted on by members of the Governing Council.

The full bylaws can be viewed here: MetricsDAO Bylaws

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