Segment 0 - Live Course

Optional pre-work and resources to help you build a foundation of knowledge before diving into the sessions.

A New Future

What stands between your current life and a future one in which you are free to work from anywhere in the world; your insights and analysis are driving real change and understanding in the blockchain economy; and your list of on-chain badges makes you the in-demand OG of the 2025 cycle of innovation?

I ask this question because as seemingly improbable as that future sounds, it is possible if you are willing to start this journey, starting with Segment Zero!

What will you learn by reviewing Segment Zero?

  • Essential knowledge of relational databases and Structured Query Language (SQL). SQL will be the fundamental tool you'll use to interact with blockchain data across popular analytics platforms such as Dune Analytics, Flipside and MetricsDAO.

  • The fundamental concepts/terminology of blockchain technology, such as block number, addresses, block hash, etc.

How will you learn in Segment Zero?

This is a purely self-paced lesson. However, you can drop in to the Discord channel #course-chat to ask questions and interact with your fellow classmates and (instructor?)

Okay, excited and ready to get started? Let's go!


There are a couple of ways to learn. I find that I can read a lot faster than I can listen, so back when I had to learn SQL quickly some years ago, I picked up Sam's Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes. The title contains a small lie. They really mean 10 minutes a day, but you can read cover-to-cover in about 4 hours.

If you learn best through exercises, Mode has a complete set from beginner to advanced on sample tables to get you started.

Blockchain Concepts

You'll only need to watch Lesson 1 Blockchain Basics of the Blockchain & Solidity Smart Contract course. The lesson's run time is 1:50:00. The instructor uses excellent web tools to help you understand why blockchain is such a potent technology, and he will cover a lot of the basic terminologies you'll see in the analytics databases. For the learner who would prefer to read, here’s a good beginner resource. The recommended readings are the first four lessons of Intro to Web3, but you are encouraged to read more if you have the time.


You have made it through that crucial first step. You have actually learned quite a lot, and you’re ready for the rest of the classes!


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