2- Analytics

Component 2: Analytics

⇒To Generate Insights & Drive User Onboarding
MetricsDAO’s community of analysts creates the analytics, tooling and content protocols need. With this component DAOs can choose to activate the questions sourced from the community brainstorm, or submit their own questions or tasks that need solving.
Activating MetricsDAO’s analysts allows organizations to not only generate the insights they need, but it also onboards new analysts and new users to their protocol.
Our active bounty programs are live on Notion:
Note that the submission must be publicly available in order for them to be graded.

Various tools and resources for solving bounties-

MetricsDAO is vendor neutral, this means that a variety of tools can be used to solve the bounties. Some of these tools are given below-
Learning Resources
Dune Analytics
2- dune docs
Flipside Crypto
The Graph
Footprint Analytics
1- docs
2- Footprint workshop - Currently ongoing in the MetricsDAO discord

If you're a python user then you can use these tools-

1- For querying the data- the graph (using subgrounds) OR flipside api
2-For creating visualizations and creating a dashboard - plotly+dash(refer to the subgrounds workshop) OR altair+streamlit(workshop available here) OR plotly+streamlit(docs)
3- For deploying a dashboard - Heroku OR Streamlit Share(only for streamlit dashboards)