Data Curation

Top MetricsDAO analysts are available to build, decode, and model raw blockchain data on behalf of analytics providers.
The community of data curators at MetricsDAO specializes in transforming blockchain data into the SQL tables that power MetricsDAO bounties and analyses.
To date our contributors have partnered with Harmony, NEAR and Terra 2.0 to turn their blockchain data into a public good that analysts use to generate insights on their favorite chains and protocols. We've built a set of open source data models hosted on our GitHub, which data providers such as Flipside use to build tables for public analysis.

Interested in having your chain or protocol's data curated for analysis?

We partner with analytics providers who ingest data from node providers and use our curated models to make the data available on their platform. Curation services require existing data access and do not extend to the ingestion process.

Interested in building?

Contributions are open to all. If you have a data model you'd like to see built for any of MetricsDAO's open projects, open a PR for the curation pod to review!
Want to become a regular contributor? Start by reading the Data Curator Onboarding page.