MetricsDAO has a variety of team levels that work together

Guiding Principles

  • Each role is valuable; one is not better than another
  • Each role should receive value, by virtue of being a participant in MetricsDAO
  • Members progress via taking additional ownership
  • The DAO is owned by the members
  • Accepting more responsibility leads to gaining more ownership
  • Nothing is permanent; members can go from one role to another over time
  • The path from one role to another is clear and transparent to all members


Participant but not yet activated as a Contributor.


Project or pod based functions. Critical to project success. Contributors can graduate to Core.


Responsible for execution and implementation of vision. Lead and/or participate in Pods with Contributors.


Guide vision and offer insights. Sets general direction and has great impact (and responsibility) to shape this initiative.

Genesis Members

Indicative of when a member joined the strategic and advisory level. More of a statement of provenance than delineation of operational responsibility.


Responsible for providing resources and implementing administrative and technological infrastructure to get the initiative off the ground.