The DAO for Web3 Analytics

Connecting projects with the best analysts in Web3 for all data needs
Our three-step Brainstorming, Analytics, and Review system provides a variety of ways for the community and Web3 organizations to generate engagement, education, content, and peer reviewed analytics about protocols or topics they care about.

Component 1: Community Brainstorming

⇒ To Engage & Educate
​Questions are sourced from community members and the most upvoted ones are turned into bounties. Anyone can submit questions and upvote others’. Learn more about community brainstorms.

Component 2: Analytics

⇒To Generate Insights & Drive User Onboarding
Questions are turned into actionable bounties for analysts to solve by creating analytics, tools and/or content. MetricsDAO is vendor-neutral so questions can be solved using any data providers and tools.

Component 3: Peer Review

⇒ To Create Legitimacy & Promote Protocols
The insights generated by the community are critiqued and validated by experienced analysts and subject matter experts within the community.
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