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How does this work? How do I participate?

How does this work? How do I participate?

Community Membership
If you are an analyst of any type, if you have an analytical mind, if you are just interested in analysis, you are already a Community member!
Come and join our Discord, follow us on Twitter, or start a discussion on Discourse.
Be sure to check out the # 🪃 | start-your-journey channel to self-select the role(s) for you! Role selection will reveal more project / team channels, feel free to jump right in!
Take a look at the other items in this section on the sidebar to see how you can best contribute to MetricsDAO. We are constantly iterating, so check back often or leave feedback on Discord and the Forum!

What will I do as a participant?

There are a variety of tasks to enable effective Metrics outcomes.
To name a few:
  • Suggesting questions that require analysis
  • Structuring analytics programs
  • Reviewing dashboards, charts and visualizations for quality control
Most importantly, this will be an open forum for active dialogue and learning about all things analytics.
Come raise your hand; there will be plenty to do, and no shortage of benefits for those who want to empower analytical minds, and help protocols succeed.

How are teams structured?